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Originally Posted by Rivvon View Post
I definitely understand why they wouldn't want a home console release, and they probably wouldn't utilize all regions in one game, but it is possible to include 2-3 regions and still not have the opposing Pokemon be all at LV100 (which I also realize is a huge obstacle in creating these huge "mash-up" games). As for pulling out Pokemon for the "two-game" feature, people already find that either great or horrible, and I don't think their opinion would change too much, especially when having fun running from region to region.
Random idea, but if we want a new console pokemon game then Bethseda should make it. Admit it, you think it would be epic too.

All remakes we've had so far are actually the third version remade but with the version differences of the first two games applied to them.
I never noticed any Yellow elements in FR/LG.