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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
DS games were compatible with DLC. Pokemon B/W and B2W2 Has Downloadable content. If you mean data added to the game that didn't exist in the original game like say Hearthfire or Dawnguard for Skyrim, I don't think they are that compatible as force feeding new data into a chip like that corrodes the data unlike a disc where the save files are stored separately and the DLC doesn't effect the original game data at all. I haven't seen any DS or 3DS games with full DLC that wasn't already programmed into the games in some way shape or form and just needed the DLC to unlock items or creatures to fully activate them, like all of the Pokemon Downloads from B/W/D/P/Pt/HG/SS.

As for thirds always appearing in the remakes, that isn't completely true. Even though Yellow was a Fourth title in Japan it is acknowledged to be the Third Title to Pokemon everywhere else and none of the extra changes from Yellow were added into FR/LG.

While I do support that Emerald's Magma Hideout and Rayquaza being able to stop the fight should be added, we don't have definitive proof that they will be there. Gamefreak can always just ignore the events of Emerald since they are already identical to the events in Ruby and Sapphire.
Okay, I didn't realize that about the DLCs corroding data on a cartridge. Scratch my idea for the time being, then.

As for Yellow Version, I do understand that it's recognized as the "international" third version, but I don't think Game Freak was considering that too much, or else we would have gotten "AquaBlue" and not "LeafGreen." Also realize that at the end of the day, Yellow Version is really an anime spin-off done in the style of the main series of games. Because of that, its canonity is debated among fans and probably did not get as much focus from Game Freak as Blue Version when working on FireRed and LeafGreen.

Originally Posted by Emrald View Post
"All remakes we've had so far are actually the third version remade but with the version differences of the first two games applied to them. For instance, the Eusine and Suicune sub-plot in HGSS.

As to how that will work with RS remakes, I don't know, but it's almost certain we will see some elements of Emerald in there as well."

It will probably be similar to HGSS. Where all three legendaries are available in the game but you can only capture the version mascot before the Elite four and the other 2 after. The only thing I want to see is an expanded upon aftergame, I think Emerald's aftergame left much more to be desired then the Battle Frontier.
You could catch both mascots in the original Gold and Silver, so I don't think that was specifically brought in from Crystal.

Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
I never noticed any Yellow elements in FR/LG.
Yellow is a spin-off of the anime, and the fourth game of generation 1. Blue is the third version of gen 1, and all it really changed were the sprites and some in-game trades.