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    Gamefreak do acknowledge it as a third though. They do call it a third as Blue is Japanese Third and Yellow is International third. There also isn't any difference at all between Red, Blue, or Green so you can't really say that they added the third game to the first two for the remakes when all three were exactly the same.

    I didn't see the responses to some of the earlier questions I asked about evolution. Incense babies were specifically not in the HG/SS Pokedex while their Evolutions were. There were also some that evolved by specific stones that weren't in the main story either.

    I think Gamefreak is probably going to do the same thing. Those with extra evolutions won't have their evolutions part of the main game Pokedex and will be added National dex, this is like Dusknoir since the Reaper Cloth isn't native to Hoenn. Same for Roselia not getting either her Baby nor her evolution since both items needed and the Pokemon were added in Generation 4.

    Togetic couldn't evolve into Togekiss (or at least Togekiss wasn't part of the Pokedex in HG/SS), Wynaut wasn't in HG/SS, Couldn't evolve Magneton into Magnezone (You had to trade Magneton to D/P/Pt in order to evolve it into Magneton same as Eevee in FR/LG), Couldn't get Electivire or Magmortor in HG/SS until you got National Dex either. There are a lot of others like this...

    So I'm gunna go with since they aren't originally part of the original game, Moss Rock, Icy Rock, and Magnetic area won't be in the remakes.

    As for Eevee thing, R/S/E had a time system. You had to trade Eevee to them to evolve it into Espeon/Umbreon. I brought that up cause it was impossible to evolve eevee in FR/LG because the original R/G/B/Y Didn't have a time system so they didn't add one in the remakes. Apparently Eevee can't evolve into Glaceon or Leafeon on HG/SS either...