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Originally Posted by Caitlind View Post
My name is Caitlind (also known as Caitie) and I am a long time pokemon player and forum user (though this is my first time here). After a two year hiatus from the game and internet posting, with the release of Pokemon Black and White 2 I am very excited to get back on the bandwagon. Admittedly, I am very late in purchasing the games.

Back in the day I was an avid user of Photoshop to create pokemon-themed artwork, was (and still am) obsessed with electric pokemon, and an avid chatter box.

Hope to get to know you all very soon, and battle when I complete the basic game!
Hmm, a two year hiatus~? Sorry, I tend to wonder off~ Welcome to PC, I'm MidnightShine, pleased to meet you. You may call me Mid if you want to~

Pokemon B2W2's a real great game, don't you think~? The gameplay, music & graphics just left me in awe~ So, you're a Photoshop user~? That's great, I would love to see your graphics some other time~

Enjoy PC~

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