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    Decided to do a Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard Ultimate Solo.

    Will be playing through:
    FireRed -> Gold -> Emerald -> Diamond -> Black

    EDIT: Extra conditions for completion:
    E4 Round 2 in FR
    Red in Gold
    Steven in Emerald
    Cynthia in Diamond
    Morimoto, Cynthia and Alder in Black

    EDIT 2: Did some of the FireRed section of my Ultimate Solo.

    This battle was rather irritating, with Scratch missing often after 3 Sand Attacks from Pidgey, but I managed to win with raw power.

    Easier battle than I had expected, Metal Claw 2HKOd both of his Pokemon.

    The rival seemed weaker than I had expected with most things going down in one hit.

    Probably the most difficult battle of the challenge so far, all because of Starmie's Water Pulse dealing just under 50 damage.

    My rival gets easier and easier as everything was OHKOd by my newly evolved Charizard.

    I thought he'd be a little tougher because Charizard is part flying, but Flamethrower put him in his place.

    My Charizard:

    So far, this challenge has proven to be rather easy, but I expect it to get more difficult later on, especially around Blaine and onwards. Charmander only has trouble early on, but really comes out of its shell after the second gym, and even more so at Lv34 when it gains the super powerful Flamethrower.

    EDIT: Update 2


    OHKOd everything in the gym, so it was just a bit of extra EXP for FLARE.

    Another trainer who got hit like a truck by my Charizard, losing in seconds.

    Another round of OHKOs against my puny little rival

    Slightly tougher this time with his newly evolved Blastoise that survived its first hit and then barely scratched me.

    2HKOs all around against the big boss of Team Rocket. I expected a bit more of him, but he was just another insect in my path.

    Got a bit lazy at this point and skipped all the trainers in the gym and OHKOd all of Sabrina's Pokemon with Flamethrower.

    After skipping almost all the battles on the way here and in the gym, I once again OHKOd all of the gym leaders Pokemon.


    So far, this run has been a cakewalk, with Charizard being able to one/two hit everything in her path. I'm actually hoping for more of a challenge to get rid of some of this boredom I currently have.

    EDIT 3: Got bored at school and decided to play some more. Ended up finishing the Kanto section, but a few screenshots are missing because I wasn't paying attention while playing.

    I got a lot done while playing, so there's quite a few pictures here.

    Blaine was rather easy, his Growlithe's Intimidate weakened Rock Slide enough to not OHKO Arcanine, but other than that he was pretty easy. I then went on to do the Sevii Island quest thingy and returned to fight Giovanni.

    It was at this point that I realised how OP my Charizard is currently. Taking only 70 damage from a STAB Rock Throw. Other than that, Giovanni was easy as anything, so I continued on towards the E4.

    His Blastoise gets stronger everytime, but other than that, he's always a piece of cake.

    As you can see, I've missed out Lorelei, Chuck and Agatha. I'll post how those all went.
    Lorelei: As I entered the battle with her, expecting an easy win over her ice types, I realised how wrong I was. 60% damage from Lapras' Surf caused some mayhem, but I managed to win thanks to a few lucky criticals.
    Bruno: Onixes were easy OHKOs with EQ and all others fell in one hit to Aerial Ace. What else can I say?
    Agatha: Agatha was easier than ever before in this run. All her Pokemon fell with a simple Flamethrower, and I was on to Lance.
    Lance: I expected more of Lance, due to the fact that he reduced EQ and Aerial Ace to pathetic little attacks with Intimidate, but Dragon Claw allowed me to destroy this guy with ease.

    The fated battle. Once again, he proved to be pretty easy. OHKOs other than the 2HKO against his Blastoise. He was just too easy.

    I did more of the Sevii Islands before coming back to battle. This time I remembered my screenshots...

    ...for the first battle at least. Anyway, I'll repeat what I did before:
    Lorelei: Even harder this time, taking 70% damage from Slowbro's Surf, and about 80% from Lapras' left me using Full Restores continuously until they used a different move. I finally took her down after some struggles, but nothing too bad.
    Bruno: What is wrong with this guy? Two Steelix's who fell from a single Flamethrower each, some Hitmon's who couldn't take an Aerial Ace, and then Machamp, who only just managed to survive an Aerial Ace, only to fall to a critical one the next turn.
    Agatha: The easiest by far this time around. Everything of hers fell from a single Flamethrower. Nuff said.
    Lance: Ugh. Don't even remind me of this. Took down everything except for his last two Dragonites. Dragon Claw would reduce them to about 40%, but their Dragon Claws would do the same to me. I finally managed to win after a few Full Restores and burning with Flamethrower.

    And then there was one. The guy whose Pokemon couldn't even take any hits. Well, other than his Hydro Pumping Blastoise that fell in 2 EQs. Pretty easy like usual, and proved to be a terrible champion.


    This guy was an utter beast. I couldn't wait to start on Silver until I realised that Charmander and Charmeleon are pretty lackluster in comparison to the big red dragon.

    So I hacked in Charmander as the starter (and did so to all the other 3 games), and got away, trained up a bit and then challenged ???

    Can he get any more unlucky? First he's caught red handed by me with the stolen Pokemon, and then he goes down in one hit from a critical scratch.

    Hah, This guy. I entered the gym with a Charmander, and walked out with a Charmeleon who only took a gust from Pidgeotto (and the badge).

    Surprisingly, Bugsy's Scyther managed to survive an Ember and dealt a little damage to the big guy. Unfortunately for him, he only dealt 8 damage and then fainted the next turn.

    Ugh, damn that Croconaw. It took 4 scratched before fainting, and almost took out my Charmeleon. I can't wait until this guy evolves.


    Slightly more of a challenge than FireRed so far, I'm actually hoping it gets a little tougher, and cant wait to battle Whitney and her Miltank.