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Personally Im a fan of strength over size (It has nothing to do with me not being huge and only being skinny >.>) I am fairly strong though! Yay for that! Ill insert a new picture sooner or later.

Dark Azelf Ill get to you first to some extent. You must be looking pretty good these days if you slimmed down and got cut. Your diet seems too complicated for me. How did the Duathlon go?

Congratulations on 100kms in a month Impo! Thats absolutely killing it! Also there's nothing wrong with aesthetics but still having strength to back it up is good anyway!

Oh Gymnastic rings are good fun! They are fairly expensive though, my god! Its painful on the wallet. They do build some good muscles though, very nice purchase Juicy, got any routines for them?

Destructor, I've read and heard that you shouldn't really start hitting the weights until youre like 15 or 16 but I guess if you're okay everything is fine. Do you have any workout routines or anything like that youre willing to share?