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Before she could stop herself, the pink haired girl gasped and fell back down into her seat as she saw Dusk's strange eye. But she quickly put on a brave face again, looking persistently at him to make him understand that she wasn't just a little girl he could scare easily.

"Yes, this Poochyena is real. His name is Hige..." Dusk said, not even looking at the additional pancakes he had been offered. "I've never seen another one, but I know they exist... That bird-guy in the air was using one..."

Arla had to think for a moment to understand what he meant. Then her eyes widened. "That guy who was above us just when you appeared? So there was something strange about him! I knew it."

She got up and started pacing forth and back. Corwas and Banko watched her, Banko's round eyes simply following her happily, while Corwas was getting annoyed after just a matter of seconds. All of a sudden, the little Seedot tackled Arla's leg, making her jump.

"Oh... Well, hrm. Dusk," she said, looking from the pancakes on the table, to her pokémon, then back to the older guy. "I want to see you turn back into a pokémon, or what kind of hybrid you were. Because to be honest," she put her hand on her chest here, "that was a pretty mysterious and awesome thing to watch. And I'm not a foolish little girl - I know there's something going on in Hoenn these days! Even though my parents won't seem to admit it. They don't want me to be worried, I believe. But I'm not easily worried! I want to become a strong pokémon trainer instead of just being stuck in this... this tiny, boring town! That and... it would be cool to be able to shift into a pokéform together with one of my pokémon, like you can."

She hadn't been looking at Dusk the whole time she talked. Rather, she had started pacing forth and back agan, picking up the mantle she had left hanging on a chair before she started cooking pancakes. Now she put the mantle back on and looked up at Dusk. "Let's go outside. And there, would you please show me that transformation again?" She did her best to put on her polite and coherent tone.
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