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Might as well give this a shot.

Name: PiggyBankLies
Game: Ruby
Starter: Mudkip

Optional Rules Being Used:
  • Make your player's name "Drifter" to add to the atmosphere of the challenge.
  • Nickname each party Pokemon
I'll edit after every 2 or 3 Gyms.

Edit 1:
Got my mudkip and named him Dredd!!, and breezed through May. I caught my second pokemon, which is seedot (named Anders), and progressed smoothly, up to this point, I hadn't healed once, but had used Oldale Mart. Somehow managed to evolve seedot into Nuzleaf during the first Gym, which with Mudkip was relatively easy. Mudkip evolved in the cave with the magma grunt. Healed up in Rustboro, and made my way to Dewford Town. Got to Steven quickly, and also caught my third pokemon, Aron (named Steeler), and then went to the gym. Surprisngly had no real issues: Mud Shot seemed to do the trick easily enough.
And so the challenge continues...
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