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    Naren Warren

    Naren grabbed the Pokeball with her Zigzagoon and silently hurried on, barely stopping to allow Zeus to climb up her arm, heading to Oldale Town with a rush of either adrenaline or embarrassment. Likely the second one, as she was vividly aware she had just mostly epic failed to battle, even though it had ended with her catching the Pokemon. What did I just do? she thought miserably, feeling Zeus bouncing on her shoulder

    Anyone else would have been proud of their accomplishment. But she was frightened, incredibly so. Her mother could have seen it. And then she would get caught and dragged away. That was just... that was just not allowed. She didn't want to go home now, not again, not after everything they had worked together to do. That really wasn't much either, but still. Zeus, utterly confused, proceeded to nip at her ear. She ignored this until she reached the inside of the Oldale Pokemon Center where she promptly slumped into a chair.

    "Goodness child, was a lad chasing you," exclaimed a patron as she panted for air. She had just run the length of a field after all.. Naren shook her head weakly, gently patting Zeus' head in apology. "Well don't frighten your Pokemon anymore. Poor thing's probably lost years off." Zeus glared at her, indicating that he was perfectly fine and he did not need the patronizing tone from a mere peasant. Naren however, only gave a shy smile, uncertain as how to reply to this woman. Shaking her head, the woman left, even as Naren's lips twitched to speak. She said nothing for a few moments before going up to the counter.

    "Zeus," the young woman murmured, holding up the Pokeball. Zeus glared at her now. Like he was going in that thing again. She fidgeted before the nurse reached the counter.

    "Oh don't you worry now," soothed the nurse, who had just arrived from the back room. "I can take care of them just fine right here." Without hesitation she took the two Pokemon away to be healed, Zeus squirming the whole way. Naren managed an exhausted giggle and waited for a while, not seeing a pale red aura in her peripheral vision. She would have probably screamed if she did because seeing that from the corner was always weird on the eyes. The nurse came back moments later, carrying the two. Both Pokemon were out of their balls and glaring at each other. If looks could kill, she thought with a sigh. Looking at the Zigzagoon, the fur stuck up oddly in all directions, not like its spikes, but more like tangles. She would have to brush him out. Taking the pair from the poor woman's arms, she went to a spare room to deposit the two critters on the floor. Instantly the two squared off, pacing around in an attempt to likely beat the daylights out of each other again.

    "W-Wait," she protested, causing them to stare at her incredulously. "Your fur's messed up Herm's. Zeus too..." They looked at her again. So? "Hard to fight all messed up." Honestly she didn't want them to fight at all but she'd distract them somehow.

    Naren quietly sprayed the Zigzagoon's fur. "S'rry 'bout that Hermes," she murmured in its ear, sitting down unceremoniously on the grass. Zeus huffed. He wasn't. Gently the rubbed the sprayed liquid onto the spiky hairs, carefully remembering not to eat anything until she washed her hands afterward. The beady black eyes locked briefly on Zeus and narrowed, growling softly with distaste. However, he didn't move from his spot, rather content to let Naren continue... whatever it was she was doing.

    It growled at her gently. "Not your fault that guy's a nutter," sneered the little raccoon. "I feel sorry for you kiddo." Zeus turned up his nose at her with a snort, smirk lacing dangerously over his adorable features.

    "Oh excuse me," he huffed. "May I remind you I kicked your furry rear across the route and fried you like a bunch of Miltank burgers?"

    "Yes you did," replied the Zigzagoon loftily, rolling onto his back and causing Naren to reflexively smile and scratch the upturned stomach. He knew how these humans worked by now. "But I got your tail." Zeus glared angrily at the creature, knowing only the Pokeball on his idiot human's waist prevented him from turning the rat in front of him into charcoal. That and he would accidentally fry Naren. As weird as she was, she didn't deserve that.

    There was a sudden burst of color out of the corner of Naren's eyes. She turned her head to see a boy staring at her Pokemon. The male seemed completely uninterested in her. That was perfectly fine, as she wasn't quite sure how to take him in. His colors blurred and melded together, excitement, pleasure, indifference, curiosity. Naren wondered and tilted her head slowly from the floor, goggle lenses glinting in the sunlight. She observed him from her seat rather childishly.

    The boy didn't glance at her long, only sidelong and smiled before exiting. Well that was weird.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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