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    Figured I should post here now that I joined a boxing club.

    Right now? No real training outside the boxing club. However, I am on a diet to gain more weight, so I can have more punching power. I'll probably do weight lifting soon though. After I'm done with that I'm gonna train my shoulders because my punches are actually a bit too strong for my small shoulders. I'm training my legs afterward so I can be accustomed to footwork, shifting weights and balance.

    In the boxing club this is what I [we, actually] do: 5 skipping sessions, two push ups/squats/sit up session, a stretching session, and other exercises. After that it's 5 minutes of mitt training and then shadow boxing and hitting the sandbag for the rest. (Still new to spar.)

    What do you prefer and aim for? Strength or size?
    While both are important in boxing, I'm definitely going for strength. I'm aiming to be an in-fighter, so I need all the strength and muscle-power I can get. I'm OK with my current size anyway.
    There's really no other reason why I exercise actually. Being healthy is nice and all, and I don't care about looks, but it's all about being strong for me to enjoy my favorite sport.

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