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    Hello,Pokecommunity!This is The1337Spriter and I wanted to make a ROM Hacking team!This team focuses on making games about Shadow Pokemon!We are pretty nice and good people to get along with!This is something good for ROM Hacking noobies too,since I will train you to the fullest extent in any category you want accept Scripting and Music Editing.We love to joke around,have fun ROM Hacking,and just chatting around!Almost anyone can join!

    Age:10 and up
    Don't be mean or prick like.

    Training Areas:
    Text Editing
    Trainer Editing
    Pokemon Editing

    Current Project:
    Pokemon Darkness
    Version 1.0
    Introduction to ROM Hack:You start out in the town of LITLLEDARK,which is a town that has been devestated by the XD001 attacks(Shadow Lugia). Almost immediately, you are recruited into THE COMBATER OF DARKNESS or C.O.D.You are sent in as an agent,whose mission is to infiltrate and destroy CYPHER!Beware though,CYPHER has gotten lower and eviler than ever!

    About Me:
    I wanted to develop a pokemon game since I was 4 years old!I have figured out how to 2-5 weeks ago,and it is a dream come true for me!I love joking around(My jokes my be accidentally offending sometimes.),chat,and ROM Hack and play pokemon games of all sort!I especially love Pokemon Ruby Destiny:Reign of Legends,and that's what encouraged me to learn how to ROM Hack!

    Team Application:
    What you want to be trained on:
    What will you do to ROM Hack with us:
    ROM Hacking Since:
    Proof of work(Not Necessary!)

    What positions are available:
    Pokemon Editing
    Text Editing
    Titlescreen Editor

    BTW,you will need the software Teamviewer7.7 downloaded after you join because it makes file transfer between members really easy!