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    I'm in...New York? Yes, New York, and...wait. Is that Looker over there? Yeah. Oh look, he's got his phone booth. Hey, Looker! Dialga and some troll sent me back in time, so could you help me out...OH CRAP A WEEPING ANGEL!!! FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU

    ...The Weeping Angel is drunk and accidentally sends us back to the present, to an uncharted cave in Hoenn where you made your stronghold. Looker uses his magic lazy power to conveniently make the whole cave disappear, except for the Shaymin. As Looker goes off to battle genocidal trash cans, I fly away with the Shaymin on a giant Creeper, all the way to a secret room in the Aether. Wait a minute. Minecraft in Pokemon?! MISSINGNO!! WHAT DID YOU DO THIS TIME?!?!


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