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    How the hell is Byakuya still alive?
    I guess Kubo's sadist tendencies came out again and he just likes to play with Byakuya's life.

    Still no answer as to what happened in Hueco Mundo, of course. :/

    This was quite an emotional chapter...
    Unohana trying to holding her emotions back while Isane is like an overflowing dam.
    Ichigo's trying to tone down his self disappointment.
    The other captains are beside themselves with grief and anger.

    But Kyoraku is stepping up and keeping them in line.
    Looks like he's going to act as an interim Head-Captain from now on.

    And on a side note, I want to smack the editor or whoever put all that stupid an inappropriate slang in the Mangastream scanlation...

    Originally Posted by Truality
    Still getting that error, Zam.

    By the way guys, I've been kind of inactive as well, but I found out something that might thrill you for some time; it's a Bleach fan manga! And a very good one at that. The drawings look so close to Kubo's.
    The story takes the Hueco Mundo Arc and alters it, in a way that favors Ulquiorra x Orihime.

    Been going on under my nose for more than a year. Start reading here.
    Oh well. I guess you can just try to look it up yourself.
    But I'm not going to link anyone to the main Gelbooru website, nsfw content abounds there. xD

    Ah, KoltirasRip's "Bleach Redux". I've been reading that for a little while now.
    I was surprised by how far (well, once) she went with the UlquixHime pairing.
    Otherwise, a really amazing fan manga.