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Hey there, Valvatorez! Welcome to PC, nice to see you here. :D

Wow, even if you're unsure if it was PC, 2004 is quite a while ago! I first found out about the forum and 2006 but never really got posting until 2011. A lottt has changed since then, of course, but we're still the same old Pokemon community we always were. n n Glad to see you're already getting acquainted with the forum!

Black 2 and White 2 were so good though; I got Black 2 on release day as well and have been addicted to it. <3 Agreed about B/W feeling a bit short, but it was a pretty good game regardless in my honest opinion. Was lacking, but still good!

Anyway, it seems you're settling in nicely already, which is great! Enjoy your stay here and I'll see you around~
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