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Originally Posted by Valvatorez View Post
I have Black 2...wound up getting it on launch day, despite my reservations. I found it to be much more enjoyable than Black was, mostly because I wasn't restricted to just Gen 5 Pokemon. The soundtrack did seem to much better, as well...I was quite surprised by that. I have Black as well, and I really didn't care for took me forever to put a team I liked together, training was highly tedious, and I was quite disappointed by the lack of story, after being told by pretty much everyone I knew that there was more of a story to it this time around. Still, Black 2 made up for the dismal failure of Black for me somewhat~
I agree with you there on B/W2 being much better than B/W, glad we think the same~ I personally enjoyed it so much more and I also think that the storyline's really good as well. Being able to capture Riolu right from the beginning made it all the more enjoyable, as Lucario is one of my favourite pokemon. :) B/W was alright for me; I didn't have much complaints about it.

Well, enjoy yourself and hope to see you around. :)
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