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Finally finished my SU! When I'm accepted, what should I post first? Maybe I'll post Kamui looking around Starter City, carrying around a crystal or two. If anyone's interested, they can come see him.

Name: Kamui Ozora
Age: 17
Country: United States of America

Appearance: I'll start from the top. Kamui's silver hair is a short-layered, shaggy kind of style. He has dark gold eyes that people question about. There's a little mole under his left eye, which looks cute to some people. Kamui wears a chain necklace with a key pendant. Nothing special, really. He wears a plain white shirt with a stuffy black jacket, his arms stay inside the sleeves...he hates the cold. At the bottom he sports brown, baggy shorts & Nike sneakers. For armor & such, he wears silver shingards, metal gloves for combat, & a red cape. Weapons can be described on the Weapon section.
Personality: Kamui is a gullible kid who will believe in anything someone tells him, good or bad. He usually likes eating sweet things, nothing spicy, since he never gets mad. He's a little bashful around anybody, whether he's known them for a long time, to a stranger that creeps him out. He's actually a bright kid who wants to enjoy a normal life, but I'm afraid that's not the case for the situation he's in now. What makes him really sad is when someone is near death or anything like that, due to being traumatized when he was young. He enjoys gaming a lot, but he does have social skills.
Life before SAO: Kamui's story was just as simple as that. He was a regular kid who mostly kept to himself. His friends weren't into games very much, mostly just causing trouble around the neighborhood. Kamui was an indoor person at best. This reason being for the trouble his friends cause. Almost everyday they would try to convince Kamui to join them for their plans, but Kamui always refused. He didn't want to cause any trouble for anyone. At best, he stuck at home doing whatever, playing games like Liberation Maiden, Pokemon, also online computer games. I forgot to mention, Kamui lives with his mother & sister. His dad abandoned the family a long time ago. Kamui can't even remember his face, but he didn't care.

One day, at age 12, tomorrow was Kamui's birthday, & his friends tried to convince him to join them for a great little trip. They explained there was candy involved. Kamui was uneasy about this, but he did love sweets. Finally, he agreed to come along. That night, they broke in to an angry neighbor's backyard. The plan was to throw eggs at the house so the neighbor would come out, then two kids would sneak in behind him & get as much candy as they can. What they missed, however, was that the neighbor had gotten a new dog, one that doesn't show mercy. The first egg was thrown, & the dog immediately came out. It attacked the group, scratching Kamui's left arm hard. The dog bit one boy's shoulder ferociously, shaking back & forth. The boy screamed, while the group tried to get the dog off. After they escaped, Kamui saw his arm injury, & then his friend. He was losing blood too much, it freaked Kamui too much that he fainted.

When Kamui awoke, he was at the hospital where his mom & sister were. It was daylight, he was now 13. His arm was bandaged, it still hurt. When he saw what became of his injured friend, he almost puked. They were told his friend needed medical surgery. That day traumatized him for life. Never again did he want to see something so gruesome. It's heavy gore that freaks him.

4 years later, Kamui's sister got him a new game to try out. He was quite excited for it. Immediately, Kamui set it up, ready for the adventure through his character's point of view.

Current Level: 4
Weapon: Sword/Shield
Non-Combat Skills: Alchemy & Speed
Summary of first month in Aincrad: Kamui enjoyed his time in Starter City. Before he ventured to his first floor, he first got some weapons, a sword & shield; the usual. It was then that he began his first floor, gaining a few levels slowly. Afterward he stopped at level 3 & decided to head back to Starter City to learn some skills. Since he didn't like to die, a lot, Kamui began training in speed, which was very useful for him. He could feel the wind flow by him, not sweet though. Craving sweets...! Afterward, he tried Alchemy. Not bad, really. It took the rest of the week for Kamui to reach level 4. Now that that was done, he was ready to log off. However, the creators neglected to install a log off option. Fearing death itself, Kamui has stayed in Starter City for a month, having plenty of game money to strive for survival. There was no way he was going to fight, no way! If he dies here, he dies for real. He's found a place to live in Starter City. It's so lonely, some of these people he can't trust...right?

Roleplay Sample:
"This is amazing!" Kamui cheered, clearly astonished. It was his first time in a game like this, Aincrad. What could he do first? Their were many new players & strangers here. "Let's see..." Kamui thought. "First I'll get some equipment."

With a sword & shield equipped, Kamui headed off to the first floor. "Where is my first victim?" Kamui looked around for a monster, & bingo he found one.. Immediately, he charged at the monster & stabbed it. He slashed left, dodged right, & finished it off downward. "Oh yeah." It was quite enjoyable for Kamui. After fighting more monsters & reaching level 3, he decided to head back to Starter City.

"Could I learn to enhance my speed?" Kamui was getting training done right now. Speed that is. If he was gonna survive, he needed to run fast from danger, especially against aggressive monsters. He also wanted some healing items, so what other class could he take? As he was resting, Kamui noticed Alchemy. That could be useful, he can create potions to heal when they were needed urgently.

"This is complicated," complained Kamui, trying to figure out the items. His teacher for this took his time with him, afterward getting the hang of it. It would take him a little getting used to, but it was a success. After learning his new skills, he decided to try them out on some monsters.

"Can't catch me!" Kamui cheered as he swiftly dodged left & right, thrusting his sword into the monster. Since this was just a game, the monsters were just game enemies, so this didn't bother him. It's monsters that don't mean harm that does, of course, so he's only going after the ones that cause trouble.

"I've reached level 4! Nice!" Kamui cheered quietly to himself. Like he wants to get attention. It took him a whole week to reach that level. "Yawn~ I'm tired," he exclaimed. He went looking for a bed to sleep. In the morning, he'll log off & do other stuff in the real world, though this game world felt so real. After finding a place to sleep, he got ready for rest, setting his items & weapons carefully aside, somewhere where they won't be stolen. Just like that, he was out cold in an instant.

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