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Originally Posted by CarefulWetPaint View Post
Oh Gymnastic rings are good fun! They are fairly expensive though, my god! Its painful on the wallet. They do build some good muscles though, very nice purchase Juicy, got any routines for them?
They're not as expensive as other things like boxing bags, bench presses, etc. and they leave you with a buttload of upperbody and core exercises. But yeah, they're still not exactly cheap.

I'm pretty bad at sticking to routines, I'm lazy and horribly uncommitted. I do have a few exercises that I tend to focus on whenever I choose to play on the rings. Yeah, play, not workout. Playing is fun and I have fun. I tend to do dips, L-sits, tucked front levers, ring swings (holding myself up, with my palms facing forward and swing), just holding myself up is hard enough as well and the odd set of pullups. I really need to do more pullups.