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This is the team I used to beat the Elite Four:

Samurott (M)
Dragon Tail/Aqua Jet/Surf/Scald

Lucario (F)
Force Palm/Shadow Claw/Swords Dance/Close Combat

Roserade (M)
Giga Drain/Toxic Spikes/Venoshock/Petal Dance

Zoroark (M)
Night Slash/Flamethrower/Shadow Ball/Nasty Plot

Landorus (M)
Swords Dance/Earthquake/Rock Slide/Dig

Haxorus (M)
Swords Dance/Shadow Claw/Dig/Dragon Claw

The movesets weren't ideal, but it held me up through the Elite Four; Zoroark took out two of them single-handed, which was quite funny to watch.