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    I found Black 2 much more tolerable than Black. There was a greater variety of Pokemon, which I appreciated - I assembled my team much more quickly, and it wasn't quite so monotonous and difficult to get into - and training wasn't quite as mind-numbingly tedious. I like how they made more of an effort to change the styles of the Gyms; it reminded me of Platinum quite a bit, actually, with each Gym having its own distinctive style. The soundtrack had improved massively from Black, and I've been enjoying the post-game features as well: the PWT is a nice addition, and medals appeal to the side of me that won't stop collecting trophies on PS3 games; it's an artificial extension of the game's lifespan, but one I welcome and will enjoy doing.

    But, as with Black, I'm just not seeing how this is any different in terms of story. It's the same old with a slightly different coat of paint to make it look new, just as Black was. I wasn't disappointed, because I knew this was going to happen again as it had with Black, but at the same time, I just don't see how these games can be praised for story when there is barely anything there and what is there is practically identical to past generations. As far as Pokemon games go this is average, and as far as JRPGs go it's right at the bottom of the barrel. But I suppose I've grown cynical in my old age. I don't play Pokemon for story anyway.
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