Thread: Weekly Poll: Sawk VS (Emboar) (NU Matchup #1)
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I voted for Sawk. While I like both of them a lot, Sawk is a lot less risky to use. Emboar's most common moveset is comprised of mostly recoil moves, which when combined with its low speed makes it very easy to revenge kill.

Meanwhile Sawk sacrifices some strength for much more staying power, along with greater speed, which in my experience makes it much better at its role.

Against each other, even if Emboar was max speed to somehow outspeed a non-scarfed Sawk it can't OHKO it with Sturdy. Even with max HP/DEF Evs Emboar still has a chance of being OHKOd with Sawk's Earthquake. As such, I'm not really sure if there is any way Emboar can beat Sawk by itself without devoting its entire build to it.

My answer stays the same for in-game purposes, too. Lacking speed AND defenses makes life more difficult even against NPCs (especially if you like to do PWT triples, like me, to farm BP faster).
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