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Leilani Estefania Juarez Garcia & Dante FareFyre
Floor 5 - Mount Lost | Level: 6/17

No response from Ollie just yet. Leila was starting to get a bit preoccupied. What if Ollie got beaten by one of the fast-spawning monsters out there? So many conclusions to jump forward to for Leila, but it was just too soon. Ollie couldn’t have jumped too far, or have started the Dragon Scarce guild already. Leila hadn’t accepted the offer yet and finally, she is willing to do so.

The player sitting next to her greeted, smiling directly. Leila turned to him and immediately locked her aqua blue eyes onto the man’s heterochromatic eyes. One blue and one green. It was like watching a forest in one and an ocean in another, a peaceful lake forest. She started to slowly lift her expressionless smile up high, forming a slightly U-shape.

“Hello.” She replied as her smile slowly grew bigger. Their eye contact broke as she turned diagonally away from Dante.

As their eyes locked, a small smiled formed on the face of the player who had just sat next to Dante.

She has very pretty eyes, I like that, Dante thought as he continued the conversation. “It’s your first time on this floor isn’t it?” She continued to look away as she replied, informing him that her friend was already supposed to be here and that she was now waiting for him. The female player turned back to Dante half way through her explanation.

Leila turned diagonally, glancing at the bush behind the bench real quick. “It is, a friend of mine is supposed to be here.” Ollie’s message hadn’t arrived yet, as her preoccupation was starting to wane. “I sent him a message just now, and I’m just waiting.”

“Oh! Haha, guess both of us are just…waiting!” Leila’s face was slowly but steadily turning red, but she was trying not to show it off. The man’s handsomeness was hard to contain. His gentle smile continued, seemingly drawing the girl in; her snow white skin now beginning to turn a light red. Aww, how cute!

Leila was mainly interested in learning what the floor is like, and as the man started a conversation with her, it was perfect timing for her to ask. “How is the floor? Encountered any monsters?”

With interest in her voice, the girl asked Dante what the floor was like and if he had encountered many monsters. “Actually, I am a front line clearer myself, I've already explored about 3/5 of the dungeon myself.” This peaked the girls interest as she asked if he had done it alone or with a guild.

“3/4’s of the dungeon? By yourself or with a guild?” she asked, showing interest.

“Oh by myself.” Dante replied modestly, unconsciously allowing the gentle and soothing tone in this voice to continue. “I only came back to town because my inventory is already full from the high respawn rate of the monsters here.”

“Well, I came here to train by myself. I’ve done my fair share of being part of a guild. I work better alone.” She chuckled at being a solo player herself, automatically assuming that the man is also a solo player as well.

The female player then explained that she had came to the fifth floor to train and that she was a more a solo player than guild player, much like Dante. A more tender tone became present in Dante's voice as his charisma took control of his actions.

Leila felt that the man was trying to scoop her and make her his, but…his cuteness…she can’t deny the fact that he was the most adorable man she had ever seen. As he leaned closer towards her, she didn’t push him back…instead she went with the flow. She finally blushed, her cheeks turning red, redder than her blush makeup.

“Oh an independent woman, I find that very interesting.” He told the girl as he unconsciously leaned in a little closer to her; locking their eye contact once again, “ I'd be surprised if a beautiful young lady like you hadn't been part of a guild.” He said, allowing reassuring kindness to show through his facial expression. As the girl blushed Dante looked towards the portal to see Sona standing there, readying a throwing knife.

“I’m surprised a strong man like you isn’t part of a group. I mean, you look like a leader.” She said.

Dante slowly leant closer to the girl breaking their eye contact and moved his arm around the lady’s back to behind her head, the gentle move easily able to be mistaken as an advance on her. The knife came towards the lady's head at tremendous speed from a very displeased looking Sona, which Dante easily caught between his fingers as he whispered in the girl's ear. “I am very sorry love, I must be leaving now. It was wonderful talking to such a lovely lady like yourself, stay safe while you train. Perhaps we'll see each other again.”

“Oh, I guess it’s nice meeting you too…” Leila whispered back, “Shall we meet….again?”

Extremely flustered now the girl replied, as Dante began to stand up. She asked as Dante began to walk towards the portal where a very vexed Sona was waiting. After a taking few steps Dante began waving goodbye to the girl without replying to her, holding the throwing knife in the hand he waved with. The wave was also aimed as a greeting to Sona as he smiled happily towards her while he approached her. Two birds with one stone.

Leila was frozen, she wouldn’t dare to move, at all. Her right fingers twitched a bit to release a bit of energy. She didn't realize what just happened. What the hell just happened now? It felt like a magical prince came to her life...a perfect prince. Watching him leave with his friend, Leila crumbled to the floor…landing on her knees to the ground. If the man hadn’t noticed, she would have already been killed, and dead in real life. She looked up to find that he had already disappeared, & her heart beating with fear. Then she turned both sides to find more guilds heading out to the dungeons, as the man had said earlier, and gets up off the ground, and goes back to sit on the bench. Ollie still hasn’t responded yet. She doesn’t want to imagine how bad the dungeons are, being a level 6 still, she would have to start from the easiest to the hardest…but she still needed his help.

“Dante.” a very angry looking Sona said as she rose her hand. Oh yay, she's really angry.

“Good afternoon my most beautiful Sona.” Dante smiled at Sona cheekily as he spoke. Dante caught Sona's hand as she brought it down at his face and pulled her in closely, smiling as sweetly as possible.

“Who was that girl Dante, you know I don't like seeing you with other girls when you're suppose to be with me.” Rage was building in her eyes as she tried to pull away from Dante to attempt to slap him again. Refusing to let her have the chance Dante, pulled her in closer and hugged her while whispering into her ear.

“I have no idea, I didn't catch her name Sona, I only just met her then. I know, and I am truly sorry she just came over and started talking to me. I didn't mean to upset you.” He stood back slightly and brought his free hand up and caressed her cheek. “I wouldn't purposely upset you, would I beautiful?” He spoke sincerely, looking deeply into her eyes while softly caressing her cheek.

“I know, I'm sorry. I overreacted.. Shall we go?” Sona replied as she grabbed his right arm with both hands and gently rested her head on his shoulder. “You're mine now till tomorrow morning, you can only have eyes for me until then.” She stated happily, leaning into his arm a little tighter.

“Yes, I know Sona, Lets go.” Dante replied as they began to walk into town.
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