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Originally Posted by blackmoonflower View Post
Stunning, as usual. I honestly don't know how you do it. I think my eyes would've been bleeding at this point. Do you use MS Paint or something else?
Haha, thanks! It takes a lot of effort (and boredom) to finish one of these things since it ranges from...20-60? Hours I think. I do believe that I'm getting faster though since I'm slooooowly learning what looks bad, and what looks slightly less bad.

Also, yes, I do use MSPaint. (Vista/XP version).

Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
A very ambitious piece, and it's having great progress. I would recommend some anti-alias here and there, mainly where things cut off such as the log in the background.

Anti-alias would help add depth and make the log more on the background than the foreground.
Are you referring to the ugly dead-tree thing? I was actually thinking of removing that as it looks kind of comically out of place. Originally I only placed that tree there so that a Skarmory could perch there for the morning version, but right now it's kind of blocking the mountain and also doesn't look very to scale with the rocks around it.

Thanks for the comments guys! They mean a lot.

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