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    You partner Eevee name: Evoli the Eevee
    Why do you like Eevee?: Eevees can evolve into many different types. The main reason is that by chance, its evolutions are very powerful bidders advantages and disadvantages of each type, and because Eevee looks like a cute little fox, is my favorite animal!
    Which Eeveelution do you like?
    Without one doubt, Leafeon!

    Which Eeveelution do you think it overrated?
    Most of them are overrated. It depends how you use them and which situation!
    I think about Espeon and Umbreon of course.
    Umbreon's attacks make me crazy, and with its HIGH SPEC.DEF and DEF
    it's hard to get because of it.
    Espeon with its very high mount of ATT.SPEC and its SPEED.

    About new suggestions...Hum...I will think about it.