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    Name: Elix-the-Exiled (the later has taken randomly), call me Elix

    Partners: Ugh this is very hard. But I bring Snivy and Lilligant this time, so yea Snivy and Lilligant. Before I changed my mind with Treecko and Roserade, seriously this is a hard choice xD

    Password: Serperior used Leaf Storm. Contrary activated, it’s Sp.Atk sharply increased. Grr, how long Nintendo wanted us to be patient, can’t wait to see three of my favorite stood in OU! Serperior, Lilligant, and Roserade. Still, I want Torterra to have some boosts. It is my favorite bulky grass-type…

    About me: Well! I used to be pyromaniac trainer. Since Gen 1 up till Gen 4, I’m always dedicated myself to fire-type pokemon by choosing the fire starters except for treecko in Gen 3.

    But in Gen 5, just suddenly, Snivy’s snobbish eyes, Whimsicott’s playful demeanor, Lilligant’s elegance and beauty, and Leavanny’s motherly appearance, AND Ferrothorn absurdly sturdiness, and Simisage’s badass look robbed my heart. This is totally my favorite gen! Not mentioning all of Grass-type is beautiful in their own unique ways. Their elegant design alone distinct themselves from another types. They’re calm, composed, quite, and most important ELEGANT! Have I mentioned Elegance?

    Venusaur is madly strong under the sun, Meganium is pretty handy with its plethora of supportive moves, Sceptile oh-so-badass-lord of the jungle with its second to none speed after Unburden, Torterra’s WoodEdgeQuakeHammer banish everything, and Serperior’s glare stood still even the legendaries! What’s not to love from this great types!?

    Grass-type also the most versatile pokemon with their annoying supportive moves and stalls, such as omnipresent like Leech Seed and Sleep Powder. It covers their many weaknesses for being the most handful pokemon of all time. Oh I how I love grass-type.

    As for me, I’m always reserved two to three spaces for my grass-types in team. And one for Surf, and one who could Fly. Grass-type is a must in my team.

    The reason I chose Snivy is definitely clear, I do love Snivy and its evos. While it makes me crazy to choose between Lilligant and Roserade. The both are the most beautiful grass-type, and I love them as how much I love Snivy. Oh have I mentioned the three must be female?

    The toughest grass-type in anime I suppose it’s Virizion, by being a legendary and such. But if it’s from the series, I suppose Ash’s Torterra is a powerhouse grass-type. It’s just sadden me that he loses to Paul’s Drapion…

    I’ve read the rule in making a topic, due it’s almost a week since the last topic, may I started the next topic?

    If ever GF creates the main legendary mascot (the one that appear on the title screen of every gen) of one series is a Grass-type, what typings do you wish for it, what power does it possess, and as well as what its relation to the story?

    Ps: I have some sketch with six grass-types on it. But it still in black/white, and done traditionally. It’s not too shabby, I think, for I’m quite confident with my drawing skill. Is it okay if I posted here or the URL? Thanks.
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