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    Originally Posted by hansiec View Post
    Attachment 66356
    Just a small Town I made (and Yes I know one of the corners in the trees are missing, but it's because of the 3 layer limit.)
    Attachment 66366

    Route 1 for my upcoming game, I spent a good time on this.
    Attachment 66376

    And finally I have a 3rd map which is a city near a mountain side.
    One of the main thing I like about Pokémon maps is their relative simplicity. You maps don't portray this well at all. While they still look good, I think it would look much better to the players if you squared off the cliffs a little. The design you use now feels like you're trying to make realistically rounded mountains using tile designed to be square, and the two types clash quite badly. Since Pokémon is a tile-based game, it would really make the most sense for tiles to be relatively square.

    Other than that, I'd just say maybe their too big, but it's hard to judge without it being in-game. They look nice though, just square off the mountains a little.