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Arla watched in amazement how Dusk merged with the pokémon called Hige and gained yellow and red eyes, a tail and furry ears like a Poochyena. At that moment, the little girl decided that this was what made life worth living. Not Dusk transforming, no. But mysterious things happening. She already knew before that she wanted to get out into the world and experience things - that was why she had become a pokémon trainer. But now she knew exactly what she wanted too.

"That's pretty cool," she said, trying to sound indifferent but failing a little. "Thanks!"

She sent her pokémon back into their pokéballs and smiled determinedly at the other teenager. "I've decided! I'm going to travel and learn more about those heart thingys. And then I'm going to find one for myself!"

She had already packed when she left her home earlier today, so she had her bag and everything ready and looked down the street that eventually led out from the city to the west. The weather was getting windier and some clouds were starting to dot the afternoon sky. There was time for one more expedition this day. She didn't wnat to sleep at home though; no, she would sleep in the outdoors like a real trainer! No matter if she ended up close to Oldale at the end of the day or not. She glanced over at Dusk again.

"I'm leaving town. North... to catch some pokémon for my team," she said, holding up a pokéball as if to emphasize her intentions. "What are you going to do now? Chase down that... bird man? I'd like to find him too... maybe he knows more about these gems."
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