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    Patrick McCallion - Cherrygrove Docks - S.S. Libra II

    Returning to the dock, the warden seen Patrick and Phanpy coming back. 'Oh thank goodness! I would've let you two on board without returning that ticket.' said the warden. Patrick smiled, 'It's okay, we showed him who's boss! And we got both our ticket and our lunch back!' Patrick and Phanpy cheered. 'Uhh, well welcome aboard' the warden nerviously said as he showed the two on board the ship. It was standard. Patrick and Phanpy went inside the ship and they stood at the side deck admiring the ocean.

    Patrick hatched an idea. He pulled out his iPokedex, and started scanning the water to see if any rare Pokemon would appear. He seen quite a few standard, boring Pokemon swimming past. But the Pokedex could only pick up Goldeen and Remoraid. He gazed over at the small island that was in Cherrygrove. He seen a couple of Corsola and Wingull relaxing on the island. 'Nothing we haven't seen before huh Phanpy?' Patrick said as his partner sulked abit. 'Yeah, it's been a whole year. I really want to catch ourselves a new friend.' As they looked back out they seen two yellow sacks on blue stems pop out of the water. 'Wow! Who's that Pokemon?' Patrick asked Phanpy in excitement. He gets out his Pokedex and attempts to scan it, but they are too far away. 'AHH What is it!' Phanpy climbs on the railing of the boat and shoots a Scald Water Ball from it's snout towards the yellow sacs to make it jump out of the water. Unfortunately sacs went under water again. The scald made contact with the ocean, producing a vast amount of steam. Patrick sighed.

    The boat began moving. The ship was finally in motion. 'Phanpy, I'm really excited. I hope we have an amazing adventure and that we stay safe!' Patrick down next to Phanpy on the deck as they watched the Johto Region leave their views. Occasionally, they would've seen Tentacruel and Seaking jump out of the water, but they didn't have their Pokedex ready in time. Patrick got up and began walking around the ship with Phanpy. They were walking past the captain's room, were he seen a man rushing out in a hurry. 'Excuse me, young man. You wouldn't have any Oran Berries would you?' Patrick looked at the man. He was quite tall, and he was wearing a very unique sailor's outfit. The man also looked really worried. 'Umm, no but I think their are Oran Berries in some of my cookies?' Patrick replied. 'Why do you ask?' 'Oh, I think those might work. Come inside with me.'

    The Sailor leads Patrick and Phanpy inside where they find a man, who could only be the Captain, next to a giant rock. The captain gets up and turns to Patrick. 'Sorry, Captain, this was the first trainer I had seen...' nerviously spoke the Sailor. 'Matey, do ye have any Oran Berries, or anythin' of the sort?' asked the captain. Patrick nods, kneels down and opens his bag. He takes out his lunch and opens the cookie box. 'Okay, Phanpy sniff out them Oran Cookies!'. Phanpy nods and sniffs out 4 Oran Cookies and hands them to the Captain. 'I'm not sure if these wee biscuits'll work, laddy but there worth a try.' The captain walks over to the rock and pets it. 'Nosepass. Eat up, git yer strength back.' The rock gets up to reveal a Nosepass that looks in terrible shape. 'Captain, I don't think Nosepass can eat food, like we do. It doesn't have a mouth.' the Sailor called out. 'What does Nosepass eat? How does it eat?' asked Patrick, as he lifted the Pokedex and scanned Nosepass which opened all various information about Nosepass. 'Let's see... Iron Ores, Magnetic rocks...But we never watch how it does it.' replied the Sailor. 'Do you have any of those rocks?' the Sailor walked to a shelf and pulled out a jar filled with shiny ores and rocks. 'Is it okay if I use this? And do you have a fighting type by any chance?' 'Umm sure, hold on Machoke come out here!'

    The Sailor sent out the Machoke, which stood tall and ready. 'My boy, what are ye doing?' asked the Captain. 'You'll see.' Patrick took the cookies and the rocks and tossed them in the air. 'Get Machoke to pound this into a powder.' 'You heard the kid, Close Combat!' Machoke unleashed a barrage of lightening fast punches, leaving behind a powder, which Phanpy caught using the jar the rocks was in. 'Now what's that, lad?' asked the Captain. 'Hold on, it's not done yet. Patrick pulls a straw from his bag and puts it in the powder. 'Now, Phanpy. Scald into the jar, only a little amount.' Phanpy nodded as it pumped hot water from it's snout into the jar as Patrick kept stirring the jar. Patrick looks at it and takes a sip. He shudders and coughs. 'Kid! Are you okay?' 'Yeah I'm fine, just really tastes like rocks!' 'Secondly, how can Phanpy use Scald?' 'It's a rare Phanpy. He was...just born with the skill.' Patrick walks over to the rock. 'Here, I think you'll like it.' Patrick placed the jar under it's nose. Nosepass put it's nose on the straw and began snorting the liquid. Before they knew it, the jar was empty and Nosepass was happy and healthy again. The captain smiled. 'Aye, it's a proud day to be a cap'in. I cany thank ye enough fer yer help. How did ye know that was how Nosepass eats?' 'I just read the Pokedex, this thing comes in handy.' Patrick and Phanpy just smiled as the Sailor and Captain began laughing and cheering with Nosepass. 'Yohoho! Enjoy the rest of yer cruise, son! I won't fergit yer kindness.' Nosepass waved at them as it slowly pointed north as the Captain took the wheel. Patrick and Phanpy left the Captain's quarter and proceeded to the front of the deck once more.

    (Bink's Sake should be the theme song for the ship.)
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