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    Penance 'Defender' Malum

    Penance could only frown as the being revealed himself. An Alakazam. Great. Just what they needed now was a brainy pokemon more than happy to tell them what to do with a smug smile. However... this one was different. It seemed that he had been here for some time, long enough that it seemed he had lost a part of his mind. Apparently time no lnoger passed for him like it did for them, most likely because he hadn't seen the sun in such a long time and down here one couldn't see when it was day or night. It was rather strange to see an actual being down here, but it just mean that Auron and the others hadn't come in here yet, if they had, they would have found this 'keepers' corpse on the ground. If he told the truth and was affiliated with the books, then that must have meant he had a lot of time to read these scrolls by himself. That meant he was a wealth of information.

    As the old one left, muttering to himself they all fanned out. Vigil told them to look for mentions of small spheres. Hm... Vigil knew something. Something that he didn't bother to share. Penance would make sure to ask him about that later. It was actually quite clever on Vigil's part to have kept quiet about it for this long. The Golduck walked around the area, not really going where the others were going. Why would he? It would just mean they would end up finidng redundant information. He used his psychic powers to pull off three scrolls off of a nearby shelve and browsed them quickly. He put them back and took off another three and gazed over them. Most of it was random words or about events that happened some years before the war.

    None of them seemed to talk about the expedition or the mysterious land, just everyday events really. As he opened up another scroll something caught his eyes.

    Penance put the other scrolls away and grabbed the scroll with the information and made his way back to Vigil. "Well, seems Rey had much more hidden than we thought. We can thank him for this little disaster." He answered coldly as he read the page to everyone.

    "August 16, Year 2445 AFV (After the Founding of Valkaria)

    Rey believes there to be something serious going on in the unknown lands to the north. He wouldn’t tell me what exactly it was, only that it was from a secret carried down for a hundred years. He said something had awoken that should not have been. He has sent myself and a few of my brothers and sisters on a mission there to secure the area and find the source of the problem. I am uncertain why Rey believes this to be so dangerous, but he wouldn’t send me on a mission like this if it wasn’t. I will fulfill my duty and return as quickly as I can.

    -Luphen “Auron” Augustus of the Gold Tribe."

    Penance looked at Vigil with anger in his eyes. "Whatever he sent Auron and the others to find... it corrupted them or something like that. Rey knew about it this whole f**king time!" He snapped as he crumbled up the paper and tossed it to the ground. "This whole thing was because Rey knew something! He f**king knew and he didn't do anything about it!" He turned away from the others and began to walk away and threw his hands up into the air. "I give up! If our own leader hadn't even bothered with telling us all what would happen then let's just let Albia go to s**t! He certainly didn't care!"

    Penance paused suddenly and grabbed his emblem on his arm and glared at the others. "Everything I thought I knew was a lie. I see it all now! Auron used them like-like tools! Animals to the slaughter! He didn't want to deal with it, so why not just send some Gold Tribe instead!? This... THIS IS JUST TRASH NOW!" With that he threw the emblem to the ground wihtout a care, causing it to crack and walked out, muttering to himself.