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@Elix tl;dr dude. There wasn't a need to tell us about yourself xD

But regardless, you are accepted :D And the topic change is also accepted too! I'll have to rephrase it to make it more understandable and less complicated.

Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
Name: Galoria

Partner Pokemon:
Chikorita & Leafeon (Can't add cute animations, damn)

Password: Leafeon! Finish him with Leaf Storm!

Topic Answer: About Chikorita, I would love to add two little cute teeths. Its top sheet bitten everywhere. And a nice black cape, so it looks like a vampire! Rawrrr.
About my Leafeon. How can I make this Pokémon scary. Leafeon is so cuuute...
I think I can make a zombie with dry leaves and drooping that will be wrong of course. Do not forget that Leafeon with small leaves often are not exposed to light, it means that its may die!

Welcome aboard! Another Snivy/Leafeon fan I see. Looks like we got a trend here! ^_^

As I mentioned, new topic suggested by Elix! Only rephrased a little: Since a grass-type legendary Pokemon hasn't been featured in the front cover of a Pokemon game, who would it be and what moves will it contain?

Keep that in mind that there aren't that many grass-type legendaries (not sure if Rotom is actually a legendary lol)

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