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    I think it'll be hard to make fight scenes interesting if I'm limited to using the attacks given in the game. My characters will be a lot of different situations, which'll call for different techniques to win. This will mean they'll have to perform variations of their current moves, or just have to learn a new move or technique altogether. I'll give you an example, there's a part in my story where one of the characters can't get to an opponent because their opponent is constantly launching a barrage of attacks on him. So he uses Quick Attack to travel from tree to tree quickly, and get closer to the opponent while still dodging attacks. This isn't the traditional use of Quick Attack, so I'll call it Quick Attack Burst (due to the quick bursts of energy he uses to travel from tree to tree, yeah, it kinda sucks, I'll rename it later). Would that be bad? That's just a minor example, I have plans for new moves altogether, which have appeared in the games. Can I do this?