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Given that there hasn't been anything official announced, I don't really see why they would do this. Skype and Windows Live Messwnger are two different kinds of programs. If Microsoft take wlm off the market they'll be no longer providing an instant messaging program. They will be giving Yahoo the chair.

Skype is a speaking service, like Viber. While it provides services seen in wlm it doesn't have a instant messaging interface. The way it looks now is a lot more geared towards its purpose and not towards instant messaging. If te two program's were merged it would be an overly bloated and confusing program. People who instant message look for straight forward, clean cut messaging, without the over complication of numourous extras to slow down the process.

In saying that, I wouldn't be surprised if this did happen or at the very least, they became a bit more linked. But if Microsoft look at this from a service point of view and not a way to limit their responsibility, they'll notice that you can't merge two distinctive concepts.

WLM needs a facelift, but most likely Microsoft will be linking the two programs so that they get more people using both instead of one or the other. But merge these and they risk losing users to other services who are loyal to the individual programs.
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