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    The good thing about fanfiction is you can generally do what you want. If you want to make up new moves, go for it, but at the same time as it is pokemon and people who would read your story should know what most attacks are, so if you are to suddenly throw in a new move or even pokemon without explanation of how it works or even how it's created it can be confusing. With your example you can honestly keep it as a simple Quick Attack. In story your character can simply order the pokemon to use the speed of Quick Attack to dodge ratcher than attack. However, as Quick Attack is a physical move you can make Quick Attack Burst and explain that it is a dodging or protective move rather than an outright attack.

    There are already hundreds of attacks and using them in creative new ways is always interesting and something I'd be eager to see, so long as there is a reasonable explanation of how or why they can do that, though I suppose you would use such ways to show the reader how such a thing is possible is through a training session/chapter.

    You aren't alone in coming up with new moves or even using an ordinary move and making it creative. I myself have done it several times in older fanfics. So I'd say go for it, and if some reviewer makes a negative comment but doesn't give a reason why you shouldn't add a new attackto your story, ignore them. However, if someone does give a logical explanation of why your new move doesn't make sense, look it over, think about how you can make is reasonable or even possible, and just go for it once more with the new knowledge you've gained in how to make it possible.