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    Relation to Canada: Born and lived in Ottawa all my life
    Favorite Province: Nova Scotia

    I've been to Ontario, Alberta, BC, Quebec, PEI, and Nova Scotia, and I have to say my favorite is NS. Ocean yeahhh

    I'm a huge sports fan, and the NHL lockout (Senators fan woot) is giving me absolutely nothing to do every 2 nights. :( Other than that I watch the CFL. Montreal Allouettes YAY

    Prices for hockey tickets here go down to $30 at the absolute cheapest, and the most expensive ones are around $300.
    Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
    I... actually don't like either of those! I'm not a fan of cheese which is why poutine is almost always a miss for me (although occasionally I'm good with it). Also don't like ham or smoked foods so... ;_;

    Originally Posted by Cosmotone8 View Post
    Welcome all new members! :3

    I love Canadian candy sooo much. xD Especially all the stuff that you can't get here in the states, like Aero and Caramilk. They're my two favorite candies, and you can't even get them here, which is why I get like a Jumbo Sized pack every time I go up to see family in Ontario.
    You can't get Aero in the USA? Why do I not know this ;;