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    GUISE, GUISE. I'm done with mah SU! I hope it's good enough. Also, tell me if there's anything wonky with the space-powers since I'm unsure what that really makes him capable of.

    Name: Lars Viklund
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Lars’ appearance is… Well, most people (and by “most people” I mean everyone) would deem him to look a bit, weird. His face looks pretty much like that of an average teenage boy. The greasy feeling, the acne and the small hairs supposed to resemble the undeveloped pencil-thin line that will one day be a less sad excuse for a moustache, also comes with an insignificant and laughable tuft of hair supposed to be something close of a beard. However, his lacking in the beard-and-moustache department may very well be because a majority of that hair wandered up to his eyebrows. Lars’ eyebrows are pretty large, one might say they’re even bordering to becoming a unibrow which sadly isn’t far from the truth. However, our dear teenager has no plans on changing this whatsoever.
    Speaking of eyebrows, Lars’ eyes have always been a perplexing feature to most people. The irises of this young man’s optical globes are that of a deep purple color, some might say that it’s more deep pink at some points. However, why it is so still remains a mystery. But just because his eyes are special doesn’t mean that they work right. Quite the opposite actually as Lars is severely near-sighted and cannot for the life of him see things from a long distance without his glasses, which is why they are such crucial items when it comes to his survival. Despite the glasses being important, Lars sure doesn’t treat them that way. In fact, the left lens of young Mr. Viklund’s optical enhancers is broken, a nice crack can be seen starting from the bottom of the glass and then splitting somewhere in the middle to end in a Y-shaped figure at the top of the glass and it doesn’t seem like he plans on fixing this damage either.
    The young man’s hair is deep black and long, so long that it reaches down to his shoulders. Well, Lars himself wouldn’t consider it that long, but people have more than once told him otherwise. His hair is generally a bit dirty, but has a nice shining luster to it. However, that luster is only because of how greasy his hair is. If one were to take a longer glance at him, one will most likely spot the various rubber bands differing in sizes as well as colors which are tied to said hair of his, making it stick out in small tufts here and there. These rubber bands serve as some kind of reminders to him. While most people who needs to remember stuff either writes it down or puts a rubber band on their fingers, Lars finds that the best place for rubber bands to be is in your hair. Putting them on your fingers is just idiotic to him, why would you put something that can potentially cut off the blood supply to any given body-part - thus rendering it useless - on something as important as your fingers? That just doesn’t make sense.

    Lars stands fairly tall at 183cm and has an average weight of 78 kilograms, he downright refuses to use anything else than the metric-system when it comes to his proportions because he finds that using anything else is moronic, quite simply. The teen has somewhat of a lanky build, even though he doesn’t exercise that much. He is usually garbed with the same clothing from day in to day out, more than enough he doesn’t wash it either. His usual attire consists of a plain-white T-shirt which has some darker stains on it – particularly under and around the “neck” of the shirt, these are believed to be from hot chocolate, but you never know. On the lower part of his body, our dear Lars usually has on a pair of dark-blue jeans on. They are actually quite comfortable, having been made with a softer type of jeans-fabric than what you normally see. They feel even cozier because of the fact that they are a little smudgy around the bottom of the legs. In his pockets he usually keeps his cellphone, his asthma medication and his wallet. In one of his back-pockets, Lars always keeps a mirror so that he can look at his rubber bands at any time since, well it’s a little bit hard to see your own face without a mirror, wouldn’t you agree? The fun part is that he seems to have a greater concern for his mirror than he has for his glasses as the mirror doesn’t have a single crack in it, and he even cleans it regularly. If he had to choose, Lars would rather be without shoes if the situation does call for shoes, that is. Otherwise, he will pretty much be without anything on his feet. As a result, his feet are mostly dirty; however their soles are quite sturdy and hard. He usually walks with a bit of a slouch either because he is reading in a Physics-Book, or because he just has some kind of “natural-slouch” which he received from sitting in a less-than-favorable way for his back. Lars’ walk is a less-common sight to behold, when he moves one of his legs forward the teen usually whips his foot back a bit as if it got hit by something before putting it on the ground. He has often been ridiculed for his walk, but Lars has never paid much mind to it, instead he’s just continued to do his little whip-like walk to this day. And he will probably continue to do so for the rest of his life.

    Personality: Lars is simply put, a bit weird. Aside from his strange way of walking, the teen usually has a strange way of expressing himself. He isn’t too prone to talk to strangers and instead he usually just makes a random noise – one that usually ends with the prefix “-uh.” – whenever being told to talk to someone that he doesn’t know, because he will most likely not initiate a conversation himself. No, he often needs help with that. As he doesn’t talk to others much, Lars’ social-skills are quite lacking, he can be very strange and awkward most of the times with both the traits of being a bit shy as well as very blunt. However, should you rile him up enough; he will forget about what shyness even is and go full force with his vocabulary. He also has a tendency to spit out a random question regarding either physics, chemistry or mathematics and ask for his “conversational partner” – as he likes to call it – to answer it. Should they happen to get the answer wrong, he can be a bit rude depending on the first expression he gains from a person. But since he doesn’t talk much, Lars gets first expressions of people through their appearances, it may seem like a shallow way, but he insists that it works 97% of the time – with the necessary mathematics to back it up (or so he claims).

    Lars takes a great interest in physics, special relativity is his favorite thing to discuss and solve problems with. He never quite knew why, but Lars was always a bit compelled to the idea of space. This infinite… infinite… horizon of particles always fascinated the teen. In his younger age, he used to sit and just think about how insignificant he and everyone else is in reference to the spectrum of space itself. Because of this thinking, he usually deems that no-one is better than the other, we’re all equally small and worthless compared to the universe. But he also has quite a fascination with biology, the study of Pokémon and how they’re shaped by evolution is very interesting, and dare I say, exhilarating? Thus, he likes to conduct research of Pokémon that he wants to know more about or benefits him in some way. At home he has countless of books regarding the physiology of various species of the monsters, it’s a collection that has been steadily growing from the day which he turned five years old. His interest for these subjects hasn’t made him better at sports however. He is rather uncoordinated, and doesn’t like to run that much. Walking is fine, then he can at least focus enough on the book that he is probably reading.

    Due to all this research and interest in physics, Lars is quite smart and good at solving problems. However, he is only good at solving problems if he gets enough time to think, quick thinking is surprisingly not one of his stronger aspects. This is because the reason for his great knowledge is his very great ability to memorize things. Be it a map, a sentence in a book, whatever, he’s got it memorized if he takes any interest in it that is. As stated before, Lars is very bad at working under stress, it doesn’t matter if it’s a problem in a book or during a Pokémon battle, he will mostly just succumbs to the stress and flips the f*** out. Thus he has concocted a plan for what to do in most possible situations, all of which he has written down and put into a yellow book entitled “What Should I Do? A Guide To the Many Uncomfortable Situations You May Encounter in Life”. When he thinks more closely about it, Lars isn’t too fond of the name, but he’s already chosen it, can’t make it any different now. He usually keeps this book in a safe place where he is absolutely sure that it will be easy to keep maintenance on it.

    Lars does at times seem pretty oblivious and clueless when it comes to most things. In fact, jokes usually pass right over his head, leaving him as the laughing-stock for people when they realize that he didn’t even consider the fact that someone was joking. Thus, he can be a bit offended if someone makes a joke about him and he ends up taking it seriously. Lars isn’t really prone to change either, he has no problem with the concept, but he’d just like to avoid it as much as possible. It makes him confused when things aren’t like they should be.

    Background: Lars Viklund was born at a hospital in the northern parts of Sweden. Upon his arrival, his parents became very happy about their new son. After staying a week at the hospital due to the hardships that Mrs. Viklund’s body underwent during birth, the two parents brought home their newest addition to the family. At first, everything was peaceful for the parents. Their son Lars didn’t scream or cause that much commotion as a kid. He mostly just sat and played with his toys or with his parent’s Pokémon. But as time went on, and the boy grew older, his parents suspected something was not right. He hardly ever talked to them about anything, he didn’t go out very often, all he did was just sitting on the floor, reading some kind of book. He didn’t even bother to play with their Pokémon anymore. So, he was taken to a doctor in order for them to see if there was something wrong with him.

    The doctor diagnosed the boy with Autism.

    His parents were at first a bit worried. Autism? They had never had much to do with any kind of person possessing that particular disorder. They were told that little Lars wasn’t much different from other children when it came to intelligence. In fact, the doctor said that the boy was quite smart for his age. No, the problem lied in the social part of the boy’s mind. He wasn’t good at communicating with others, and thus it would require more work to teach him such things as speaking correctly and expressing himself. So the parents went home with this knowledge, unsure what to do with their son. But they decided to try and help him the best they could.

    As Lars grew a bit older, he was enrolled in a public school, but never quite fit in with the class. He always did well on his assigned homework, but everyone soon came to know him as that guy who wasn’t like everyone else. This of course gave some children enough reason to bully him. But Lars never became offended by their jokes and jeering; he simply ignored them because they didn’t pique his interest at all. But when the abuse started to become physical, then things got worse. After countless of talks with parents and a useless set of teachers as well as an even more useless principal, no improvement was made. That’s when Lars’ parents decided that they’ve had enough, they personally took him out of the school and fixed for him to become homeschooled.

    Now things were starting to look better, at least he wasn’t receiving any more punches or kicks. But being away from a school - one of the first places where you learn how to interact in a different social way - didn’t help his social-skills. In fact, he started to develop other “quirks” which would make his behavior deviate even more than it had originally done.

    Legend: Palkia
    Powers: Lars can create “portals” which leads to other places in this dimension by bending the fabric of space itself, he can use these to transport around. He can also increase or decrease the dimensions of an object if he so wishes.


    Nickname: Morgan
    Species: Spoink
    Level: 10
    Moves: Extrasensory | Splash | Odor Sleuth | Thunder Wave

    Personality: Morgan is much like his Trainer, a bit shy and meek. However, he doesn’t have the same lacking in social-skills as Lars, oh no. But like Lars, he isn’t one to start yapping away with a total stranger for no particular reason, you gotta’ be careful and stuff. The Spoink may also be rendered a little bit too cynical for his own good, however he still usually advises Lars to talk to people, “It’ll get you some good experience!” he always claims. Since Morgan is a Psychic-type, he has certain abilities which make him able to communicate with humans a bit easier. Telepathy is one of these. Just like Lars, he is very interested in physics, glad to take on any new problem which his Trainer throws at him. And sometimes, he likes to throw one back. The quirk to spontaneously give people physics-questions has actually been rubbed off on him from Lars, it’s nice to receive hobbies from your friends, isn’t it?

    Background: Morgan was first given to Lars as a present on one of his birthdays. Lars’ parents thought that it might be good for their son to have his own Pokémon which he could bond with, and thus take his mind off of reading for a while. At first, Lars was a bit cruel to his Spoink. He ignored the poor pig completely because he deemed it to be “not very interesting”. But one day when the boy was doing a bit of homework, he got stuck on a question. It was a pretty hard one, and he beat himself up over quite a lot. He asked his parents for help, but they just said that he should maybe ask Morgan for advice. Seeing as his parents weren’t going to listen, Lars had decided to consult his Spoink on the matter. To his surprise, the little pig answered the question correctly. The boy had stared in amazement and asked Morgan how he had done it, he got an even bigger surprise when the pig actually answered him through his thoughts. That was the day when Lars started to see the value of Morgan, and the two became great friends afterwards.
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