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Alright. Kinda frustrated here. I am attempting to hack Pokemon Gold. I am using JohtoMap, PKSV, and Translhextion. I am attempting to do things through hex editing, not scripting. Here's my question: Why is it that I can edit pre-placed events text and functions for the most part, but whenever I try to edit in another event of my own, the game just melts down? For example:

Selected: 3
Picture: 1
Face/Type: 3
Movement: 10
Time Type: FF
Time Value: FF
Sight Range: 0
Palette: 0
Type: 0
Script: 65A0
Flag Index: FF
Flag Bit: FF

This is the info that JohtoMap shows for my person that I added to New Bark Town that I want to say "Hi." Next is a my hex editing that I did to make this happen. On the start of offset x1225A0:

51 A4 65 00 87 A8 E8 57 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

That is all that I've edited. That is starting at the beginning of offset x1225A0, and finishes halfway through. All i want him to do is turn to you and say "Hi." And then let the game resume. This is what his script looks like in PKSV:

#org 0x1225A0
jumptextfaceplayer 0x65A4 ' 0x1225A4

#org 0x1225A4
#raw 0x87
#raw 0xA8
#raw 0xE8
#raw 0x57
= \h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00\h00

It repeats the \h00 part over and over forever. I don't understand. Whenever I try to do anything text related, the infinite \hoo comes up, along with the #raw. I just have no idea what to do. I've tried tutorials, but I guess I'm just inept. Any help please? Thanks in advance.