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    First off, allow me to apologize if this is in an incorrect sub-forum. I didn't see any other forum that answered a question similar to mine, and I don't know if there is another sub-forum in relation to my problem.

    Ok.. so first off.. this question has to do with Breeding.. but not necessarily what Pokemon I can breed, rather the natures my Pokemon gets from being bred.

    I'm going to explain my problem, and then ask a few questions in relation to the problem.. If anyone can answer them, I would be grateful. Thank you.


    Alright. So here's my problem:

    Over the last 3 days now, for around 2 hours each day, I've been vigorously breeding a Blissey with a Roselia in an attempt to get a Chansey that knows Aromatherapy. I know that the best nature for a Chansey is Bold, and I know that there are 25 natures in the game; meaning I only have a 1/25 chance to get the right nature.

    But this is where I have a bigger problem. I don't breed 1 at a time... I breed FIVE. I have a 5/25 chance of getting a Chansey with a Bold Nature. Keep that statistic in mind.

    So, judging that each Chansey egg takes roughly 10,000-11,000 steps to hatch, and I've spent 2 hours each day for the past 3 days doing JUST this, I can hatch maybe 35-40 eggs every 2 hours (judging that I hatch 5 at a time).

    Now.. let me put that into perspective. I've hatched roughly 120-140 Chansey's over the course of 3 days... and not a SINGLE one has had a Bold Nature. Meaning that my luck is either absolutely horrid, or there's a problem with my breeding.

    5/25 Chance, you'd think I'd get at least one of the 5 chansey's to have a bold nature every 5 batches of eggs I had hatched, but this is not the case.

    Now this is where my swarm of Questions come into play:


    1. Do the natures of the Parent Pokemon affect the Nature of the baby?

    2. What is the percentage of a 1/25 chance, let alone a 5/25 chance?

    3. Will Soft-Resetting change the Nature/IV's of the baby pokemon prior to hatching; similar to the Honey Tree trick?

    4. Is it even POSSIBLE for a Happiny/Chansey to have a Bold Nature?

    ...and now for a Bonus Question.


    ?. Judging how many Chansey's I've hatched, each having a 1/25 chance of having a Bold Nature.. what would my percentage of getting a Bold be in relation to the chances of a Shiny Pokemon?

    I greatly appreciate any advice/tips that anyone can give me. This has been a bothersome task I've put myself through for many many days, and I just need to know if it's dependent on luck at this point. Thanks again!