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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
Oh man, Broken_Arrow, that's awesome! So glad it worked out and he got it back!!!
thanks, were a good follower to the situation :3

Originally Posted by Drakow View Post
Well there's a real unique feeling that comes from being in a real fight and it's not just a simple adrenalin rush. I've felt most alive in my life when in a fight. The whole confrontation, that desire to defeat your opponent, in a fight that just escalates to a whole new plateau, that other contests just cannot reach. I mean yeah, I get that invigorating feeling a little bit when playing video games against people or I suppose sometimes when I'm playing children's card games too but when I'm in a fight, that sensation of feeling truly alive really pulses through my veins. I wouldn't expect everyone here to fully comprehend what I'm saying here, but that's understandable.

Anyway I prefer this WARRIOR song.
well i used to fight too..i was like Gracie hart from miss congeniality when i was younger lol but now i prefer to discuss and talk.i found myself using my hands only when it really needs...(most of time with my sisters)...not sure why but i began to feel bored of fighting by hands over things or maybe i became cold blooded!!who knows lol but though i still enjoy fighting sometimes specially with people who get on my nervous

about the link they're not called disturbed for nothing lol

back now..took a nap and decided to spend the night awake as it's my sisters weekend :3
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