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    Originally Posted by hansiec View Post
    What programming language are you using for the actual editor? I assume either C/C++/C# (and of course lua)
    C# with the XNA framework.

    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    And no, you're not the first person who had a Nuzlocke Mode built in. I was planning on putting it in my game, and I got the idea from a game I saw a year ago who had the mode (don't remember which game it was, or whether it exists anymore).
    Pokémon: Azure will have one thing exclusive to it, that no other game before has had (as far as we've seen!); an official Nuzlocke Mode, supported by the creator of Nuzlocking, Ruby himself!
    we contacted Ruby and asked for his blessings on this, which we received. it was more about knowing that the creator supported us. he's a bit of a hero to me, so i got all gushy, haha.

    Originally Posted by DaSpirit View Post
    How long have you guys been working on this? Seems like you have a huge team.
    the project as a whole has had almost 3 years of development, and the people actively working on it adds up to about 12-15 people.

    tenFold studios forums.

    home of: Pokémon Azure!
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