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    Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
    @Elix tl;dr dude. There wasn't a need to tell us about yourself xD
    But regardless, you are accepted :D And the topic change is also accepted too! I'll have to rephrase it to make it more understandable and less complicated.

    Oh yea, I see. Hehe, should I edited it maybe Leaf?

    On to the topic! Due to there's no halloween in my country, so I just continue making the new topic. Sry xD

    Since a grass-type legendary Pokemon hasn't been featured in the front cover of a Pokemon game, who would it be and what moves will it contain?

    I'm always imagining pokemon who rules over nature. Not representing ground or ocean like Groudon and Kyogre respectively. But tp maintain the harmony of the land.
    Maybe if Arceus truly a god of all pokemon and human, he had ever leave the responsibility to one of new unknown legendary for the task in the past.

    This grass-legendary struggled in the drastically climate change, albeit Global Warming, while the 'Team *insert bad name here pls*' are the bunch of capitalist who uses pokemon for their self-benefits in bussiness and harms nature severely.

    The legendary pokemon itself might have the incredible power as the representative of mother nature.
    I prefer the typing such as: Grass/Rock or Grass/Dragon. Due to many weaknesses for grass, it quite hard to determine it. Maybe it could be fixed with its special ability to reduces super-effective moves to it by 1/3 or 1/2 like rhyperior.

    Its ultimate moves are 'Gaia Wrath'. 180 based Sp.Atk power, while reduces it Def/Sp.Def/Spd by one stage.


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