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Kamui Ozora - Level 4
Floor 1: Starter City

"So lonely..." Looking up at the ceiling from his bedside, Kamui Ozora wonders what is going on back in his home, his real home, where his mom, dad, & sister are worrying about him. By now, mom was probably making a fresh back of chocolate-chip cookies, his sister finding ways to get me out without harming me, dad working at his job, concerned about my safety. I sure wish there was a way I could contact them. Too bad the creators were dumb enough to disclude a landline.

Kamui kept looking at the ceiling. Staying here won't do squat, but it's who he is. He's in a game & that's the way it'll stay, unless Kamui reaches the 100th floor. But...does he have the strength? Everyone gets one chance, & if they lose it, that's it. Great economy they have here. He might as well take a walk. Taking his backpack with potions & crystals, Kamui left the Inn & took a stroll around Starter City.

The bosses were taken care off, but Kamui was too afraid of moving on. It's like, if things got more complicated along the way, would you wanna turn back? Yeah, I didn't think so. What's the point of everything knowing you're gonna have to live the rest of your life in a video game? This is pointless. Kamui should just die & get it over with. But...where would that leave his family back in the real world? He can't just leave them behind. He's just too afraid...of death.

For now, taking a stroll was the only thing to do for now. People here were strange, & that comes from Kamui himself. Would anyone really need potions & crystals? They wouldn't accept a weakling like Kamui. Just kidding! Right?

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