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    Pokémon Morning/Night
    ~A whole new generation.

    Set in the royal region of Lenaroh, where kings and queens still exist.

    A whole new region, more than 100 areas to explore!
    139 New Fakémon to capture!
    80+ New moves to use!
    A whole new Pokédex experience with Visual and Smart Poké-Pocket!
    New Mechanics!
    New items; Champion balls, Ultra repels and more!
    Amazing story!

    Meet the characters!


    Clarie is the female protagonist of the game. Clarie might have a low temper, but when not angry Clarie can be the most gentle and kind person from her friends. (In my mind she is picturized as the main character of the game.)


    Clarek is the male protagonist of the game. Clarek is more like a cool and funny guy, although he is the one who always get scolded Clarek from the group of their friends. He still never gets sad and angry on anything (Unless it's his Pokémon).


    Your arch nemesis when you choose Clarie and your rival when you choose Clarek. She is not only spoiled, she is a total Brat! She gets whatever she wants from her dad, she doesn't study, she also wants to murder the person who is against her(Sometimes).


    The professor's assistant and Sarah's totally opposite sister, just one thing that she is a bit more clumsy than her younger sister. Her dream is to become a worldwide Pokémon professor someday.


    He is one of the main supporting characters in the game, he doesn't want you to become a Pokémon trainer, due to your character's safety. He always helps you by giving you important items like HMs and TMs.


    Sarah and Maple's dad, despite being the 4th most richest person in the world he still lacks the happiness that a rich person should have. Always in alone in the dark thinking something and never telling about it. What is he doing? I never mentioned that his real name is Samuel and people due to his wealth call him Samuraja.

    Professor Palm

    Young and athletic, Palm is always off doing something else rather than researching in his lab.
    He is Mostly seen in his Juice shop where he sells delicious juices to people and Pokémon.

    The Lenaroh Pokédex

    Lenaroh doesn't have many National Pokémon, but that doesn't you can't encounter a Tropius or an Evee.
    Here is the whole Lenaroh Pokédex:

    001: Chiwittle

    002: Chikin
    003: Rohunt.
    004: Flauri*
    005: ???
    006: Flaeomance
    007: Shteam
    008: Sharjet
    009: Transhark

    010: Tesminie
    011: ???
    012: Patrat
    013: Watchog
    014: Weeorm

    015: ???
    016: ???
    017: ???
    018: Propellick
    019: Jerow
    020: Novahawk
    021: Crabpebble
    022: ???
    023: ???
    024: Panshock
    025: Simishock
    026: Tropius's pre evolution
    027: Tropius
    028: Embosaur

    029: Volcasaur

    030: ???
    031: Hyderadon
    032: Budew
    033: Roselia
    034: Roserade
    035: ???
    More coming soon

    The list will be updated by Weekly basis.
    * indicates that the name might change.

    The new Moves.

    Drain fang
    Type: Dark
    Effect: drains the foe's HP.
    Power: 80

    Soul sacrifice*
    Type: Depends on the user.
    Effect: The user faints after this move.
    Power: 280

    Dragon ball
    Type: Dragon
    Effect: Has a chance of decreasing foe's Sp.Attack.
    Power: 80

    Whale smash
    Type: Water
    Effect: User takes recoil damage.
    Power: 130

    Ghost cross
    Type: Ghost
    Effect: User has a chance of landing critical hits.
    Power: 100

    Boulder punch
    Type: Rock
    Effect: User has a chance of landing critical hits.
    Power: 90
    More coming soon.

    The * indicates that name might change.

    New items!

    Prepare to get awesome Power-ups for your Pokémon, or amazing new Pokéballs to capture your new Mons!

    Ultra repel
    Prevents wild Pokémon from appearing from 500 steps.
    Price: 1250

    Champion ball
    Has a little more catch rate than ultra ball. It is obtained by defeating the champion or from the battle frontier.
    Price: 12 Bp

    Emperor's ball
    It shows the capture strength on it's screen when thrown, it has a catch rate of an ultra ball and is only obtained on special occasions.
    Price: NA

    Ultra restore
    Restores all Pokémon just like a Nurse joy would do.
    Price: 60 Bp

    Bond stone
    It is a stone used to evolve Pokémon that bond with each other.(Shelmet and Carrablast)
    Price: NA
    Note: Both of them must be holding this before you use a Link stone on any of them.

    Link stone
    Evolves Pokémon that evolve by trade only, there are a only few link stones in game.
    Price: NA
    Note: It only evolves Pokémon that only evolve by trade no extra condition(except holding an item.).

    More coming soon.

    The Team Asteroids

    Team asteroids, their main goal is to use their machines and gain all the Solar and Lunar energy. The Solar and Lunar energies are strong enough too make someone able to rule the world! They also try to manipulate DNA'S of Pokémon too make them strong, so they can't be defeated by Pokémon trainers.

    Team asteroids is divided into 4 groups:
    The Main organization,
    The DNA center,
    The Pokémon collectors,
    The Security army,

    The main organization works on the Main goal of team asteroids, while DNA center works on the Manipulation Processes, Pokémon collectors collect (Or steal) Pokémon for the DNA center and Security, The security army protects team asteroids plans from being flopped.

    Each group has it's own leader:
    Astrus is the Leader of team asteroids.
    Josie is the Leader of DNA center.
    Tomec is the Leader of main organization.
    General Vercetti is the leader of Security army.
    Cameran is the Vice leader of DNA center.
    Haley is the Vice leader of main organization.
    Private Johnson is the Vice leader of Security.

    The mascot Legendaries

    Solavier (solar + Chevalier) and Lunellero (Lunar + Caballero)

    Solavier is the guardian of Sun and it's energy, solavier posses a quarter of the solar energy and has the ability to unleash it from it self and the sun.

    Lunellero is the guardian moon and it's energy, Lunellero posses a quarter of lunar energy and has the ability to unleash it from it self and the moon.

    And the other ones you will find later in game.

    The Lenaroh Region.

    Long time ago, Lenaroh was the poorest region as All crops were either burned or either froze. This was all caused by the unbalanced Galactic energy there, the cause of this was the Dark energy which was possessed by the Seven dark warriors of Lenaroh that energy was so strong that if used it could make a man immune to everything and strong to destroy the immune to everything it could give a man the ability to control enviorment. One day, an oracle came and created the guardian of the Sun and the Moon. All together defeated the Seven dark warriors and sealed their power in a cube, which now resides safely somewhere in Lenaroh.

    Here is all cities of Lenaroh and all the gyms leaders too

    Legend: Blue spots means there's a gym in this city.
    Red circle means this area is unlocked after beating the champion.
    Yellow spot means that it's the Pokémon league.

    The cities

    1. Newbud Town: Where Something big Happens.
    2. Hariona Beach: Where fun comes!
    3. Greengurff Farm: The greenery is here.
    4. Higlight City: The eyes of every tourists.
    5. Crossroad City: Coming soon.
    6. Tears Village: Coming soon.
    7. Seashore Town: Coming soon.
    8. Mystoria City
    9. Coming soon.

    The gym leaders
    1. Grassagh.
    City: Greengurff Farm
    Type: Grass
    Description: The gym leader of Greengurff farm. He's very obsessed with plants, don't even talk about picking a flower, In front of him.

    2. Colerta
    City: Highlight city
    Type: Fire
    Description: She's the gym leader of Highlight City. Her gym is a restaurant, so you'll have to go all the way to the kitchen To battle her.

    3. Chill
    City: Crossroad City
    Type: Ice
    Description: He's cool, He's tough, He's brave. He's a member of the Lenaroh's rescue squad. He's the star of Crossroad City!

    4 and 5. Crystal/Derek
    City: Mystoria city.
    Type: Phychic/Dark.
    Description: She has the power to see future and show it on her crystal ball.
    Description: He is a magician. Derek uses his dark magic to amuse people.
    It's your choice to chose which one of them you'll battle first. Cause both have their own gyms in the same city!

    6.Coming soon. Very soon. Just let me decide their names.

    The Poké-Pocket.

    Latest technology created by Devon co.and Silph co. Together! It is basically a Pokédex but with more advanced features like built in Town map or The communication app Xype or you can even get the Pokect Pc Box app to store ten of you Pokémon in it!

    Both, The visual Poké-Pocket and The smart Poké-Pocket have their own exclusive features.

    The visual Poké-Pocket has a strange device inside that can read a Pokémon's mind! You can see your Pokémon's dream by using the Dream viewer app.

    The smart Poké-Pocket has a sensor that can tell a Pokémon's happiness or effort.

    These are the differences besides the CPU and GPU Performance.

    The new mechanics.

    These new mechanics don't require calculations or anything hard, but they are very interesting.

    This idea came to my mind by thinking why don't Pokémon prevent them selves for being captured? all of sudden I thought these new mechanics.

    The raging and afraid wild Pokémon!

    Raged or raging Pokémon tend to dogde or destroy Pokéballs. Also they sometimes prevent a trainer from running away.

    Afraid Pokémon tend to flee sometimes, but they're easier to catch then Normal Pokémon.

    They don't retain their state after being caught, but Hidden ability might pop-out on a raging Pokémon.

    Screen shots.


    FlameGuru Original Pokèmon Starter kit

    Poccil Pokèmon Essentials

    P-Sign Ultimate BW Pack

    Clowcardruler Ultimate BW Pack

    Maruno Ultimate BW Pack and Pokèmon Essentials

    Venom12 Ultimate BW Pack

    FL . Ultimate BW Pack and pokemon selection script.

    Rayquaza. for the autotiles.

    King Snivy for some BW indoor tiles.

    Bengamesfilmsandmore BW Indoor tiles.

    UltimoSpriter and Boomxbig for Major enviormental tiles

    Niknaks93 for the great map

    IceGod64 for some help

    Carmaniac Bw load screen and Bubble message system.

    Saving raven For the tiles