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Originally Posted by Motley View Post
just curious, why is using cheats for rare candies a bad thing?
So you don't feel bad about cheating that much?
How can you enjoy the game that way...

Originally Posted by Knickstape617 View Post
Just trying to find out if this is a common/solvable issue. Using Desmume 9.7 (due to that being the one provided in a tutorial to activate Wi-fi) and I am playing Pokemon Black 2. My issue is freezing but the place i'm freezing seems uncommon since I can't find anything online about it. Following the first conversation with Hugh and his sister when I walk forward to go find Bianca with Hugh, I can only take about three or four steps before the game freezes. Is there anything I can do about this? Is it the rom or the emulator?

Oh I thought i'd add im running Virtualbox on my Mac to do all of this.
The locations seem to have no influence... "freezing spots" are random... can you try DeSmuME 0.9.8 on your V-box?
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