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    Some Remakes are good, Some are bad.
    For example to me, Fire Red and Leaf Green were good, because they didn't change a whole lot. Where as Heart Gold and Soul Silver to me, was a new game, just in the same region. The whole, Legendary Dogs, should of stayed in crystal and the you HAVE to go see Ho-Oh or Lugia sucked too. I like it when I choose to see them, not when I'm forced too.
    Another remake I'm displeased of is Sonic Adventure 2 Battle HD.
    I thought this was gonna be good, but it's too similar, y'know. I know it's exactly what it says on the tin, but it's just HD textures, if I wanted that, I'd make a hack of the Dreamcast or Gamecube version. For free. I was at least expecting new features or better 3D models, like ones from Generations or something.
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