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    Originally Posted by ambalance View Post
    I've recently encountered the same issue. As in, the exact same. My trainer battle BGM doesn't work for any trainers, save for a BUG CATCHER. I attempted reimporting the music files, testing to see if other extensions would work, changing the unique BGM for each trainer, each map and even trying to play a BGM with a script. Nothing worked.
    I even copied my entire game's data to the updated version of Essentials, but I am having the same issue. Can anyone help us?

    I'm pretty sure it isn't down to the bitrate of the BGM files, seeing as my desired BGM works in a battle with a bug catcher, but not for a youngster, firebreather, cooltrainer, etc.
    What bugs me more is that debug trainer battle works, so does when you use the change battle bgm command. what is even worse is that it happens with unedited Essentials script. (but it doesn't happen when I play the raw Essentials example game)
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