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    That proverb is not strictly true however. If I have dead max potions it would be better to have a live card instead. But I see where you're coming from. I should play to the deck's strengths. How about this then?

    - Super Rod
    - 2 Level Ball
    - 4 Crushing Hammer

    + Sableye
    + Ultra Ball
    + Bianca
    + 2 Max Potion
    + 2 Eviolite

    You mentioned Sigylith but I don't think it's really that great of a card. I wouldn't mind adding in one more Supporter either but I feel if I am going to run Eviolite, I should go all out with it. Could drop one for an additional supporter though.

    Edit: Went 4-2 but missed out on top cut. Got paired down in the final round of swiss otherwise I might have made it V____V

    Thanks for the advice guys, really helped me out. Max Potion and Eviolite did put in work in the end.
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