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    Well first he has to beat a Pokemon League and then he will have to face the Champion's League. I think in one episode he will see his dad and he will have to defeat him to become a master. It would be nice to end the saga with all his friends traveling with him. But that is a little too many.

    The best ending would be this last saga.

    Team Rocket finally starts to take over. The leaders become rebels and Team Rocket Leaders will battle you for a badge. If you lose,you lose your pokemon. Ash will have to team up with May,Brock,Misty,Dawn,Cilan,and Iris and maybe old rivals as well to bring Team Rocket to the ground and all regions. After Ash saves his friends and his and their pokemon and gets all the badges,they will head to where ever the biggest TR HQ is and have to battle like a Pokemon League in order to get to Givonni or a higher leader,maybe his dad. People will try to save them and enter,and he will have to battle aginst others with what he is fighting for and the people who lose and stood aginist TR would be punished and pokemon taken away. Then when all of Team Rockets teams up on Ash,Jessie James and Meowth will turn good and turn on Team Rocket and all of his friends he has met would help him. And once he beats his father,someone the champions couldn't beat.he will become known as a pokemon master and finally see which girl he falls for.
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