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Originally Posted by Nideous View Post
I can actually help with that. At the present, there really is no set story. You can start with say, arriving on the island. Everyone is off doing their own thing right now, so you can always feel free to meet up with any of the little groups that have formed. I know that my characters, well, Kiki and Bri at least, will always welcome a new friend. And I'm certain other people around here feel the same way. So go ahead and jump right in. x3
That's great, thanks! I think I'm going to make my character join you guys. May I ask, are Kiki and Bri male or female? Am I allowed to control what your characters say and do? Just to clarify things and to make sure I don't get their genders wrong. Oh, and if you come across my part in the roleplay later on, could you correct me if I have done something that I shouldn't do please? This is my very first roleplay - I am one of the newer members around here. That would be very helpful indeed. Thanks! :)