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Yukiko took a deep breath and let it out explosively. "Well, this is it," she thought as she took her first step off the boat onto Oak Island and laid her luggage on the ground by her feet. She was very glad to be able to stand on land again. Yukiko wobbled slightly, her sea legs still unaccustomed to the stable land. She made sure that the hood of her red hoodie was firmly secured over her snow-white hair that slightly fell over her light-blue eyes. "This is where it all begins. Be brave, Yuki"

Yukiko, being a new student just recently accepted into the Pokemon Trainer Academy, looked around at her surroundings and the people around her and tugged on the strings of her hoodie nervously. All those people looked as if they already had formed their own tight groups of friends. "Where should I begin?" Yukiko thought. She picked up her luggage and shyly began walking towards a small group of people that stood not too far away. It looked like the best thing to do.
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