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    Rosalyn Smith
    Near the Mountains

    Rosalyn smiled as his Flygon Killita sniffed her before taking off into the air. "your a Pokemon Breeder, that's awesome. I actually got Belle here from a Pokemon Breeder, well the Togepi egg" she smiled and watched as Drake returned the Flygon before turning her attention to the Salamance. "I happen to be an artist, and from what I've sold my drawings or paintings of Dragon type Pokemon always seem to sell for more"

    "I wonder what other dragon types he has" she thought as Belle flew over to Zeal and chirped happily. "do you have any other Dragon types?" she asked curiously.

    Sage Smith
    Academy Grounds

    Sage smiled to himself as he left his classroom. After picking a lot of berries and even planting a few in the ground he had returned to his classroom to make poffins. Now his plan was to go pass them out to the trainers around the Academy. Who knows he might even run into his little sister again. When he started paying attention again he heard the last part of the announcment over the PA system. "Ty is our new Pokemon Groomer, and is going to be located in Room 22A, near the main office. That is all.""

    "that sounds great, I'll go introduce myself" he said changing his course toward the main office building. Within a few minutes he reached his destination and saw a young man with brown hair. "You must be Ty, I'm Sage Smith it's great to meet you" he said with a chuckle and a smile.

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