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    I just discovered something. Ever heard of the Gothi-line? Yeah, feminine appearance with a chance of being male, but here's one twister here.


    Gothorita is just confusing. The rest of the evolutionary line has a small chance of being male instead of female, but Gothorita, despite feminine name, appearance, and cry, it is even more likely to be male than female.

    Gothitelle and Gothita are more likely female, Gothorita is more likely male. Eek, talk about a crossdresser. There is even a chance that gender-changing may happen (Female Gothita evolves into Male Gothorita, evolving again into a Female Gothitelle.)

    Any one else find that (insert 5-letter word that starts with "H" here.)?

    P.S.:Female Gothorita do exist, but not very likely...
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